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Morecambe Bay RNLI Hover CraftFor those in peril on the sea - a 'Home for the Hover'

To find out more about the Morecambe Bay RNLI and home for the hover appeal please click here

A LITTLE over two years ago the RNLI decided Morecambe Bay would provide all the conditions necessary to conduct in-service trials of its first rescue hovercraft.

It quickly proved its worth and has done so countless times since then, often in appalling weather. Fast and highly-manoeuvrable, the vessel is a genuine life-saver that is to stay right here in Morecambe. Amazingly, the hovercraft still lacks a permanent home. Thankfully, plans are now in hand to remedy this, as Visitor editor Glen Cooper can reveal. MORECAMBE'S lifeboat crew hit the headlines in February last year when details of their brave and professional response to the bay's cockling disaster was witnessed by newspaper readers and TV audiences all over the world. Closer to home we hear almost weekly of their dedication and of their often heroic efforts to save lives in the bay whose stunning beauty often belies its potential for tragedy.

The particular geographical and meteorological vagaries that affect conditions for the thousands of locals, holidaymakers, leisure and commercial users of our waters were recognised as unique by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in the spring of 2002 when it chose Morecambe for trials of its first rescue hovercraft. By December that year it had proved so effective and Morecambe had shown itself to be such a suitable home that it was decided it should be here permanently and was dedicated by Kay Hurley MBE whose family had provided the donation that paid for the craft.

Since then the craft has been a crucial tool in the saving of lives in the bay and was the key component of the cockling rescue operation that, though more than 20 lives were lost, managed to see others survive.

To the impartial observer, then, how ludicrous must seem the situation that has been allowed to transpire regarding the housing of this most vital piece of life-saving equipment? An early application to house the hovercraft in purpose-built accommodation right on the seafront allowing access to the bay in a matter of seconds was turned down by council planners. This was apparently after they received objections some from people concerned about noise.

So it is currently housed in a temporary 'home' that is several inconvenient streets away from the promenade slipway. Though the RNLI is grateful to have been offered the premises it is not suitable as a permanent home.

To find out more about the Morecambe Bay RNLI and home for the hover appeal please click here